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If it works, it's a progress that you need. "Who wishes writing as a life?", but any of us and them is listening to cloud and, even if here is time of free thought. Storyteller by examples of kabbala.


On leaf walking on skies above stars to leave


Postmodernism is one European slow motion of thought, literature, and philosophy, but it tends to be spoken by them and us (Quelle: Pink Floyd): “We have to work by a more wide scale.”, and it is this work, which ever lasts. By motion of people, it is written literature but at least known by us and them: “We are saying to know each part of the circle or the tree of life but we are imaging by a more wide scale the things, which we don’t know.”, the society is a all knowing anchorman, but if he is resisting the moment of free thought, he will play quotes and sources. Even that is a restricted area for all to go. But by copyright it is told that the full scale of sacred into the sun walking, will not answer the fulfilment of treatment, nor take advantages over copyright.


In the time of Yellow Submarines (Quelle: tm; The Beatles;& Illuminatus; Wilson; Shea) the Golden Bough didn’t give the answer for all, who were following the middle class or tribe. We have to look forward, to create an open opinion for everything and nothing. Not nowadays but the sun is still shining over us. We all like our polls of everything and nothing, but by our free thought we need to challenge the European Union.


Who counts on sanctions by the side of the United States? Is it a legal system to prohibit the challenge of our time, which is the lifetime or named life? The starting point is still existing, because no one of free thought is in the leading role of our needs. Here are much more do’s and don’ts of right and law, but they are nothing less than a nonsense with reading the book of order. Why is the time still needed to be the example of ruling class or ruling politics? Isn’t it time for speaking for the role of non-ruling class and non-ruling politics? We have to go back further? The scale of the possible would now tell evolution-revolution but that is not my point of view. Let’s give the set onto thought, literature, and philosophy for non-ruling class and non-ruling politics? If time is shrinking, we have to support any team of members. I’m a webster, if you want to know, and my name is nap.


By all the free thought about the leading idealism, I’m not prepared to vote in life for the US-Democrat Party and European People’s Party too. It does need any examples for me, to vote for a beginning by the called members of each one.


Is it right to tell, that they are wearing black suits like people who are yelling on the graveyard? The tie is as closed as Mr. Simple by the need of an owned secretary. Who is not telling us, that time is shrinking, if they need playing golf. Even a golf tournament government is played with US President in the UK (Quelle: CNN; Nachrichtensender; Stand: Juli 2018) but it’s a non-ruling class and non-ruling politics by free thought. We have to simplify that it just needs much free thought of Hollywood Orchestra Western Nocturne TV or it will end by thought, literature, and philosophy. Yet they are coming as our time of elections for the US Democrat Party and European People’s Party. I’m none of them, because I’m interested into the former advocate of the stratosphere, atmosphere, and hemisphere. They are called class and politics. I’m the ruling-class and ruling politics of free thought project, but therefore we create to make youngsters and kids to understand the moment. Yet you vote for elections, but you are not allowed to vote for politics. Yet you speak out for reformism or philosophy, but you are not allowed to stand up against bigotry by themselves.


Is it any wonder, that makes us understanding the news? Here is a theft of copyright, if the news are inappropriate anacho-fascist corporate fake news. But we have to tell, the earth is moving on with less people than a century before. If we are leading to comprehend the disturbing facts of today, we will write history of free thought. Who is into that, to give free thought an opportunity for better days? It’s a lucky hand, which we have with internet and web today, and it still produces and is still working in progress. Calm down and think critically. You are one who deserves the respect you need, but first of all you get what you need by just one thing, and this is the whole unity of one mankind drawn together (Quelle: The secret life of Walter Mitty; Film; USA; 21. Jahrhundert).


The whole of the society is not prepared to walk on thrilled by the moustache of every one of us and them. I do call upon nothing except the changing times, and the whole unity doesn’t have a chance for leaving in time by life. Here is one rest of moments, before ruling the class or ruling the politics will promise sources of death for you and me. But any restricted are of free thought would want to tell. Start a game and think for it. You tend to be a Fascist Thinker who owns a state by thrilling and killing? Why aren’t you bored and lamed by the free thought project for as a Corporate Thinker by any Free Thought Project? You are any mighty duck but you leave the world opinion of news by you own fear giving space to another people like you. The establishment itself is giving chance for you, but you called on Fascism. What is as far beyond the horizon, except that of you, migrants, fascism, or police state?


Lemming Tschoubie

Ozora Liliput, Vienna, Wien, Austria, Österreich, 10. Juli 2018