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Treaty Mr. Bucks, said Moskito
Storyteller - Moskito und Mr. Bucks - Storyteller


“Lieber ITJT-ITES-FTEF-FFTE!”, Sound gone Red Warfare



How does it come, as ever, even if they lived yet today, but Capitalism, Liberalism und the renaissance by the Romanticism and the Symbolism. If there everything would be gone Belle Epoque… so it was happening, showing, and pretending the way as it has to be. “Look forward.”, said an old voice whispering. Near next to him, but a lookout on the tower above the city. It was like the charming voice of ages, but between them, there was something unconscious, and that one lead to the questions. “What is it good for?”, was asked once. How does it come, as ever, even if the break the men and women. They overwatched the crowd of disciplined workers. And one was sounding as the piper, who didn’t leave alone. He wore his dark and dusty overall, but he seemed to be late for work. On the tower, if they yet didn’t become nervous, but they thought of being a thrilling company.


“I’m looking.”, answered the man with a shabby voice. So he smoked is cigar, and laughed loud with the smoke out of the nose. They were remembering the way of thinking, if the company didn’t groove. “So let’s sound the bullwhip. I’m not a goner to be a suit in the coffin of ages.”, and he was showing teeth to a mirror. He was the Communist Threat against all the Western Liberalism. So he took his cigar and showed by words, how far one would have to go by him: “Is he not working?”, and his company of some lawyers told him yet: “We don’t think, that it is irresponsible for one the show a grateful day for once.”, but he didn’t mind and he started to scream: “He is not working!”, but by these words the world was shaking heads. It was one lawyer who named himself: “I’m Mr. Bucks, and yet knowing in Communism is, that the leaves they bear, are the crooks they share. You all own Communism of the Red. You will have to go on by him the show the set of tearful starvation by one. So. It looks like one, who is pausing, because he is starved.”, so that was one, who had said before: “Look forward.”, and by that, his words were the own of Mr. Bucks. He took is finger in the air and painted circles. “It could be rain, which is destructing the agriculture. It could be hot summer.”, “We have some common rain, and it isn’t hot enough.”, answered to him the secretary of polit-bureau. “Is here an ecology crisis? Is here climate change?”, asked Mr. Bucks the secretary. “No. We don’t have that much trouble in the Red State.”, “What would next to be, if it wouldn’t be the crash of economy crisis.”, “We don’t own that by the Communism State. We are our own Red State.”.


Still the one in the overall of grey and black wasn’t working at all and he was showing that to others next to him. The worker was just one of them who was tired of being frightened by the Communist Fear against everything and everybody. So he couldn’t step forward to be sick at home, but he couldn’t too start thinking to work for the welfare of the one unity of society. He was speaking to other workers before, that he felt too sick for working the daily hours. They had just told him to stay sick on the bench with blankets. So therefore he wasn’t working next to other workers and it seemed that he wasn’t disturbing other ones.


There was one man, and he told as the lawyer of the company to the secretary of the Red State, and he was Mr. Bucks, saying, that in time all of the workers would feel the starvation by monetary inflation. “By my choice and I take this one now, I will show him, to end his strike.”, but by that word, he was not just dancing and jumping. “I will call the police.”.


And the call on help by moments of emergency said. “He will come. He will help. He will rescue us in darkest, darkest hours.”, “Moskito. You got a call.”, and those words told Moskito, being again in the lane of disasters by these of Mr. Bucks. “Moskito on the phone.”, “Here we need some help. You wand some work?”, “Who is calling here?”, “My name. My title. My right. I’m Mr. Bucks, lawyer of Communism Red Fear.”, “Mr. Bucks. I have heard that you are deeply concerned about the workers behaviour.”, “Yeah. I call you, the police.”, “Look forward.”, “And I was said, that this remembers me to set you on hire to catch the unemployed.”, “No, Mr. Bucks. Look forward.”, and so it occurred suddenly that the moment was gone quietly. “I don’t need the police?”, asked Mr. Bucks the other one. “On the phone, we call to save life of the callers. This is the Westerners Liberalism. Here is no one surrounded by desperation for other urgent needs.”, “I’m calling you, the police. You have to come.”, “Look forward.”, “How shall I look.”, “Do you really need the police for one non-working man?”, “I was told to accept the work in the Red State. You come or leave it.”.


And so Moskito was breathing into the telephone earphone and was shaking his head. “I have to ask you Mr. Bucks. Do you need some exchange to get some work in the Red State?”, “I’m the lawyer of the Red State.”, quoted Mr. Bucks. “You are not anyone who is lost here? Do you need some treatment by us?”, “You are not the State?”, “Mr. Bucks. Common working people are ever treated as the state.”, so it happened that Mr. Bucks was calling a number on the cellphone. “I’m calling the pretend that my job is done. We leave.”, and so suddenly it was interrupted too. “Where do we go?”, “Back to the USSR.”, said Mr. Bucks. So he would leave again China.



Moskito and Mr. Bucks – Storyteller


Lemming Tschoubie

Ozora Mahalo, Liliput, Vienna, Wien, 12. Juli 2018