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Cohernfin - thou Middle Earth
Try to repeat the Saga for art's course of studies. I want to know the end of literature, but me, I'm an artist. thx.


By the words began Numaninkele speaking to the others. Some of the Valar had begun their life by sight on a light. Some of them told in thoughts, speaking together, that thou the flame was a speaking mind. Did you know, that these called Valars thought about Numaninkele, if he was speaking to them, but not just by own words. Of them had some been in mind to reflect the chosen kindness of breaking the silence and looking the flame. If the flame was somehow their own knowledge of Numaninkele, but that wasn’t told to them. He himself hold the flame in a far distance. All of the Valar were looking, but they didn’t take notice of his safeguard to weight all of them by his knowledge of right and thought. It could have been very mindsetting, taking one for each beside. He didn’t do.


Mind and thought have been the call to awake as the Valars. So it composed life itself, but for elves and men, so they have called them gods and goddesses. Nothing more than a word by the last supper of remembrance after Arda was coming into ages of age. If somehow the work for Arda was recalled by thoughts, but even Elves didn’t tell men about the source and secret. The Valars had gone but they met again on Arda called Earth – but Middle Earth. If those one spoke about Valars but by their books they have grown deeply for wisdom and knowledge. By itself talking about Men, even Elves thought about their own early age of ages. Look upon the pages, if thou the word was told by them.


Voices were spoken in mind and loud, even if they had become in the earliest days alive a light of a soul. They had been as those entity, which they had chosen to reflect on the highest ranked. He was one of the first, the first itself. Not by deed, not by justice, and not by violating the law of the universe. That was called by one name, and here it took the word: Lunimesense. By laws of one world as a tribe of universes, Numaninkele was the first to step into life of entity.


Numaninkele’s wisdom was growing for centimes of centuries but even one day he was looking beside. He was telling yet by sleeping away: “What a wonderful life.”, so he was some of the gifted spirits to lead (Quelle: Wonderful Life; Armstrong). “Look. He is telling step beside step to catch a ghost of universes’ call upon life.”, “Me? I was rarely whispering by my own words to look upon the gates of waterfalls, by seas as a tear stained water of life. It couldn’t be much more than that, even mice began to stand in front of kings. And some flute of life was giving them spending the night of summerdays by concerts on meadows and in halls. Such mice had somehow become silently listening, but carried some point. After rest of silence, they began applauding the kind days with chocolate drinks and sugar bars.”, so these was somehow deeply concerned a thought about the future.


If no one was just thinking a moment, but the Valars were setting to sleep again after this speech. By these words of interpretation, the world would have grown concerned about the sleepwalking of the gods and goddesses. Beside to them, the first of them was Numaninkele to rest next to them as a gifted donor. He as his own was as ever treated as one of them, who had shown truly works by heart. As the named light, to give light, and by preparing light, he was fulfilled by some of joyful tears. Even he wanted to walk on water, so he was feeling some wet on his own entity. Wet being alive as a caller upon stars.


They were coming back to life, alive being watched by Numaninkele’s words. As they silenced, Numaninkele spoke: “Are you yet coming by ducks in the hearts, watching owls sitting in the foggy nights of snowfall in the mountains and plains? We have to let go, that we take heart by our own.”, and as he told that, one of them started singing a harmony of life.


What as life has become to tend living and ending, but by our own will setting love and choice. As the heights of life would have shown the responsibility of thought, and we are by thought next to fathers and mothers: “Was elsewhere some kind men and women looking on the sun?”, and even if the stand of words were changing. It was a dark night but it should be a lighted day. A crazy man would stand outside in the rainy days for looking as one ferryman of each of them. “Watch out. What a ridiculous star was set by the hands of magic?”, and the leftover of thought told them not the near end (Quelle: Der Name der Rose; Film;6 Buch; Eco). As the tragedy was a rag, but the one of mind set a gifted mountain top all over Ardar, but the Middle Earth and Cohernfin.


A bell was ringing in the silence of poetry and the ducks or as Valars had gone again sleepwalking. So if those of first days have taken fruits? It was named a plain sight by the eyes in the dark of one flame. Numaninkele was somehow not listening by every moment. One of Valars, and he was the ongoing growing one. He was simple life, but he was as powerful gifted like other Valars. If he wished, he would grow deep in thought of wisdom and secret. He was called Sclarram.


Lemming Tschoubie

Ozora Nirvalreth Hel Daro, Liliput, 12. Juli 2018