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II. not expecting - thou Middle Earth
Try to repeat the Saga for art's course of studies. I want to know the end of literature, but me, I'm an artist. thx.




He didn’t know what he has become, like him, and not one seemed like him to feel the cold shadows. By becoming a unification of entity and life being one drawn mind, he set his first flower into coal. He put with his hands the flower of coal into the entity of soul and flesh. His breast started to bleed for one moment, but he extinguished on his breast the blood flow with on grey lightning. That one was left by his right hand, and with the left one, Sclarram became earth, life, and spirit at once.


Looking on the dark blue night without stars he created a moon on heavens pearly gates (Quelle: Woodstock; Music Festival; 20. Jahrhundert), and that one was light by Sclarram’s walk on Arda. On the bright side of light, the moon shined into the skies over Middle Earth by violet pink dark flow.


Sclarram’s hands wanted to feel the life as it had become life. He took his steps, and founded walking coalfields. Dark glowing coal, which was shiny on day and emptiness during nights, was becoming a sight of diamonds by Sclarram. He was calling his own moon to shine over the coal beneath his body. It wasn’t just a sight on diamonds, but the coal was turning in diamonds.


So had been the first days of light and time and Sclarram was marching as a troll around Arda. He was changing himself into a creature. One that was cheating his own life into a monster with twinky winky magical power. Left to him was the mind of Numaninkele, so he was thinking about Sclarram, who wanted to erase such mind in his life. These were light and time of the first time too, and optional was killing flowers and water, though it was not creating sampling for his own. Numaninkele minded that ongoing future’s rise and fall.


So that one was just a minded thinker, but on his breast was an empty sphere. If anyone has watched that, but being locked in lost kitchen’s loathing, no one wanted escaping to death by fear.


Out but in time Sclarram remembered first feelings. He had become life, when that one was life as body and spirit. Even the dark night of coal was neverending life but empty and fallen. If changing the world would mean, that life wants to become beauty, but by this the fulfilled lifeform isn’t working in progress. It's a tip to mind beauty but by that one, life is still leaving his own fear for giving no change in time. As the beauty Arda was recruited, Sclarram himself didn’t want to become newly created. His mind was gloom like his hands, and the moon was this too, and so it was walking as partial eclipse over Arda.


He was minded by other Valars and Lunimesense but the monster was living in silence, like he was one with a heart of flesh. He, Sclarram, wanted to mind the idea of having a heart of flesh, by the pain he wanted to watch in his own life and for another Valars too. On that half he was feeling his own spirit as the most fighting one and the most gifted one. One pump of coal of living eternity filling the eyes by the light of diamonds worried him. All of his vein felt the body, but by the late day’s sickness, Sclarram was falling into knees. He said to himself: “Like all, that is my life’s heart’s grain, I’m feeling my own in some extent being life and non-life.”, as a philosophy’s mind recalled himself of being a Valar, he shouted afterwards: “Ho! Who am I?”, but by that evening’s fall of the moon, the moon lifted, and was becoming Arda’s and Middle Earth’s future his own light rainfall but fog of hope. “Who am I!?”, was the Valar shouting, yelling, and he wanted to know. The flower set in his breast fall into pieces, but he saved every part of the coal, and the floor around him was becoming olive green with growing moss.


Sclarram was feeling in his body and spirit that he would grew into deep concerned life of Arda. It was unknown to him, what he would become now. So he set the moss onto his hands and feet and was walking again on earth. For one breath he was living enough life to know Arda by beginning and end. Once, he wanted his own blood flowing on the moss, coal, diamonds, moon, or anything else. His walk on Arda took again the moon into the skies but the first moon didn’t end to shed rain.


As he was calling his life by heart, Numaninkele was calling on Arda, to give the rainfall and fog of the former moon a call for life. His hands in heaven worked for that miracle, that one which should become the rain and fog of Cohernfin and Arda. No one was looking Numaninkele except the rain and fog, and Numaninkele built himself to be a part of eye and heart in Sclarram. That he would know enough of the future, but not that, so, Sclarram didn’t want the moss growing around himself of being that one alone moss. He called on the moon, that he wanted to grow an animal as a piper. Did no one know?


As this life was the first one, but Sclarram didn’t watch it being alive, because Numaninkele put the animal and piper away, being at rest and sleep for chiliads. Like him, but Sclarram couldn’t know that by him, because he was tired by all of his ongoing match against Middle Earth. Like him, all of his works began the rise and fall of Middle Earth.


Lemming Tschoubie

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