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I remember one time in my life, if I was think respectly a mind-gifted word: „M“. But it seemed to be a thought out of any Rotten Book of theft by lifetime. Sitting while moments of life next to one inmate, he just told me: “Quiet well. I have the same length as you.”, as tall a me, but I was thinking. “No Way. It must be suddenly Rotten Tomato.”, as I was asking afterwards: “Who else is my inmate as tall as me?”, but he left handicapped with a bloody nose. As mine is not his one, I was asking one of prejudices in the lifetime: “God. Who else is as tall as me? I call upon a voice in life, even if rain is falling on a sunny day.”, “You are not meant to meet the gods.”, who else would be? So I was sitting here in space travel and time travel, but when it started to rain, some one told all: “Cotton Eye Joe. Where did you come from? Where did you go?”, and this was some of the music by heart (Quelle: Rednex). It’s an old way, by traveling on trains to support the team for one inmate, as he is me. He is called the old loner, though he was working with bags to carry. “Just a Rotten Tomato.”, even as old Ale God was watching Anastacia and he was watching exactly. “I’m from Austria.”, (Quelle: Fendrich), as Cotton Eye Joe was walking between the seats of the cinema, he was calling on godgoddes: “I want to explain something.”, would it be something especially. He was saying that he was watching Anastacia. Very good. Very good. Godgoddes answered: “Cotton Eye Joe. TokTokTok. He is one of those, but you are one of somewhere else. Is that leading to an explanation?”, “Is an answer always answering?”, so Anastacia was sitting under rain in Italy. It was a grey of a night.


Alone. Deep in mood of thoughts, but Anastacia has drawn the legs on himself. By that he was sitting on the street next to an entry of a motel. Up by voice, the door was swept away and opened. It was like philosophy and he entered the first room. He was explaining to himself, that it would be a stalemate. He was certainly alone for the moment. “Monuments Men. By them as the folk preventing others to destroy and destruct arts and cultural monuments, we lent idealism and materialism as his own wonder. It was thrown into the air of light and sight, and the words yelled from sea to sea. They were rescuing arts, but the war was over. Arts are watched because of them nowadays, but in the end, a light and sight told us. Is the art meant as a documentary or as a thought of given will. Would arts have been a choice? Hitler wanted to collect arts for the trial of a Fuhrermuseum. He didn’t reached the light and sight, but by months of his life, it was decided by the name of the Fuhrer. “Did you watch him? He went to the toilet.”, “Isn’t he as smart as an ass?”, but the peaceful try was prohibited by him. “What do Leftwing-Nazis call? I didn’t hear?”, “We are a group of own free thought. We are marching in our alongside of Marxism. Our thought is Marxism.”, and were they allowed to leave the elections with the free voice of papers of confrontation.”, but as they where calling on that. I want to say that it was more miraculous that Leftwing-Nazis, TokTokTok, watched the falks and hawks trying but they left them with the one infiltrating word: “The government is Jewish-Nazism-Communism.”, but try to give them a word. I want to say about Leftwing-Nazis, that they are like robotnics and sputniks. That’s a gifted thought. “We don’t want a Fuhrermuseum.”, and that’s what they answered. “Do you want Communism?”, but remarkable are papers of confrontation. Communism is answered by the disposed and abolished state and etatism. The comprehend thought is something telling about the best society. In Dialectics of recreation of statements for answers, the abolished state is producing a new state of Free Market Economy by the end of Capitalism. The Communism is an answer for a Free Market Economy by the abolished state of Capitalism failure. It’s a councils government. Nothing else more.


If the time is coming by, but we say, that the inmate of St. Kruel didn’t know much about the Monuments Men. Suddenly I hesitated to answer him: “Next time. You would sit to godgoddes but you wouldn’t know.”, sitting on a chair with ham and whitebread with butter. “Are you hungry? Are you thirsty?”, “Nope.”, “Do you like your family?”, “Nope!”, “Does life lead to leaders?”, “Nope?”, “Are leaders in lifetime responsible.”, “Nope!”, “Does your family lead you?”, “What a count nail. But my fingers do Allen.”, What the fuck did he answer to them but as they were sitting in chairs. “Your family doesn’t lead you?”, “I like my Granny-Aunt-Sister-Aunt-Sister-Sister.”, “Do you have mother?”, “God. Does your mother know your mother yet?”, and get the profile of exam. What god wants? Perfect Sense. Look out. Watch the squirrel sit in the tree an lollipop the nut (Quelle: Waters). Is he right in mind? Be as tall as someone of the thought, and get onto the trail. We are naming everyone brother and sister. When we are watching the sun rise speak: “He is a marvellous poet and author.”, “Does he think.”, “Nope.”, “Is it right that he is a good price?”, “Nope.”, And about the sun walk a crossdresser on a bicycle.


Poetikrose – Scherzerade


Lemming Tschoubie

Dienstag, 24. Juli 2018