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mail affair stephen
he is contacting... making contact.



Right this, it was asked by someone another. “A goot man for a goot prize. He is marvellous crossdressing in the closet. Behind the baffle, curtain has grown, hand he was cycling the momentary lapse of reason. “Think. A crossdresser. He needs one of his own.”, but be one of walking eyes of the foreheads, then it was taken off. “As naked as a poppy.”, but the black sprout of all the fallen treasure island was handed over by the necklace of a funny type: “Swimmer. Swimmer. Watch out. The iron mask is fallen. It has taken you aboard.”, and that the gone eyes of all of the pupils experiment fletched butchering poppy. Black as the sun in the evil-knievel eye of all Pascha. Some day said that all were walking beside the closed VIP. Extraordinary thoughts showed the lives of all the cloned ones. “Who else is as smart.”, “Swimmer. Swimmer. Your watch had gone.”, but by that, the non owned kids had kissed brothers and sister. “Goot. Roots of gone evil will share as everything by the momentary DNA. A drinker is a drinker. A worker is a worker.”. God had faith into something else: Wow. Elsewhere would he become an inventor. A reign of all the weapon instructors. But St. Kruel calmed himself. His thoughts showed another life.


He is into the thing, into the cause, into the everything of fined poverty. What a marvellous way of saying, that himself is a Swimmer. Not his father the liar, the terrorist, the revolutionary, the sperm factory, and the cheater. “Look. One of the hostages had killed himself.”, “Swimmer. Swimmer.”, was said, but it was a task to tell right on, “It is himself who is self-instructed national empathic service.”, that even the stall showed an acting play like evenings summerhead. “Did I even tell you to wash yourself?”, (Quelle: Indiana Jones). But by these flying diggers, they buried one for another. By the way, did you know that a submarine captain earns 8000 Bucks a year (Quelle: Amused  to Death; Waters)?


Sitting in the clone warfare colony but by the name he felt himself inspected by another troll of service. Do you know, how the stable of kidnapped stains must have felt. As the property of the head of state. Looking into the eyes of everyone except for the parents. Anastacia was left by the owned stateowner of cruel experimentations. Like the lamentations in silence, there was nothing hidden beyond the eyes of mother and father. “Do you know, kid. Terrorism is not any answer in life. The rich people just own by the welfare state enough to build the state for everybody. You did wrong, by kidnapping the nap of life from the tree of mother and father. Do you feel like mother and father now? I even could not present him a joyful gift, except any bike from you stolen money. My life wasn’t becoming better with Anastacia.”, and that sealed every shout mouth. “He was fucking my girlfriend.”, “What do you expect as a terrorist? Even all your Ale names yell to the trees Red Army Stalinism. You didn’t change anything. You just exchanged the idea of life to kidnap anyone for fuck free.”, Do you know that the presented state was given no choice except precipitated trend to stand against the Communism of Private Thought. You have exchanged every thought of Private Thought. It was nearly Communism in the Society. But you wanted life to tell about life. Are you a nihilist?


It was an impressive life to sit down to feel exchanged by the Buck of an Buck. You know how to say a dime is a Buck. By the state, nowadays, no one would be interested into safeguard a kidnapped Anastacia for free. So. How shall I try to understand you and your welfare optimism of trend by set layers and claymores. Here is no more a friend except the family. “Does it really understand?”, “Is he feeling right?”, “Does he want anyone and anything?”, but expect the silence of a kidnapped Anastacia. No one is yelling in heaven for them. Even if they are thousands of terrorists like my keen Pepsi. “Don’t tell about my life.”, “Yeah! Great man. Huge affairs to sell burying graves for a stalemate.”, but wacky is it to speak out in the society publicly: “Vau O. Wacky. Henry DeBille.”, that’s quiet well. Expect that your own government would want to commit suicide because of a trench warfare in family’s houses of Anastacia’s of hundreds got thousands. “Keep the calm. The last consequence.”, is my Pepsi yelling in choir with his dead girlfriend Ensslin. Did you know, that she didn’t speak any more words than suffocating in Stammheim? It’s not my war. It’s my Pepsi’s hunger to starve to death. “Swimmer. Swimmer. Your necklace of family is dying in my own hands. You got killed by terrorists.”, and by that, he was sitting on the sun, and he was watching godgoddess. Even without friends is the life as a terrorist better. Honeymoon. Cocks. Virginity. Milhouse (Quelle: The Simpsons; Groening). 6000s Bucks a year. Anastacia. Experiments. Judaism. Antisemitism. Israel. How died the moon in the sun, by quitting except for parents. “Because they know each other, who is right in heart, of family, and nazi in the eyes of welfare state.”, said St. Leech.


 But for therapy. “Swimmer. Swimmer.”, and it was answered by own mental disease, “Just a moment please. Kill yourself, Anastacia.”, and even if the eyes of nowhere flooded with tears. Anastacia didn’t have any tears. But as the forehead of Pepsi spoke in tears, “I can’t get out. He is dead. The twin is dead.”, lamentations, madness, Wailing Wall. “No. I’m not koscher. I’m Red Square.”, answered any Pepsi (Quelle: Das Leben des Brian; Monty Python). And Pepsi told to the world today: “I’m a huge. I do well. I feel. I like. I’m like any human being as the other human beings.”.



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Mittwoch, 25. Juli 2018