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the exposition of arts downhill the roads of Huron
writing letters to "dead like me", George Orwell, letter 0002

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Stephan Gaube

1190 Wien

Kahte Fraggy Eule – Dr. Steph’s Match

Vienna, Ozora Nirvalreth Daro



Sonntag, 24. Feber&Februar 2019



George Orwell, dead like me, counting profession




Anthropological Quest – the exposition of arts downhill the roads of graduates in Huron



Dear George Orwell!


Last time, I wanted to invite you writing answers and questions for the responsible clan of intellect, as it would be done with any of my Anthropological Quests. Times were changing, wouldn’t be told about the affair of Europeans Watchtower. No one is here claiming responsibility by his own measures, but words aren’t forgiving. The exposition of arts has its burden and barriers to take on shoulders like it is me, who is proposing the art fair of kind to say yes to life. By own steps as the Anthropological Quest is writing about the weird sense of ordinary people, I want to let them speak: “Art. It’s great, they all achieve and we own our taxes by revolutionary writings.”, or they want to answer like this: “It isn’t enough about art, enough, that art even nailed Jesus on the cross, but who else is thinking about a bath with Jesus? Nothing more but this, and it is a fair in school.”, or they tell this: “Nothing is happening in the world, but I’m ragged to own a book.”, and this is somehow any answer of free thought projects like mine. Isn’t it right to publish the exposition of arts, as it would be written by the thoughts of manifestos’, like the Anthropological Quest of mine: “I’m just saying that one letter is a letter of personal form, and it is speaking in sense of truth to other people.”, so, if it is right to tell, but art is in common shared by fiction and fantasy of truth or lie. What else is a written word, but yours, Mr. George Orwell, was speaking about the fan behind the fences, stables, commune fair of communists. A commonaut like the animals would tell us the shared values of their and our tribe to stay on planet “Gujava”, “Look. We are behind fences.”, as I want to greet to say, what you wanted to give as an answer of thought of free thought project: “Lonely is someone who is taking care about his own kids, because the kid is lost to any government without common sense of family’s government.”, and it is like the answer on noon. Why don’t we fine a little man, Ey Ya, Ey Ya, Hoah. We share in common sense, but in arts we do speak about the values of morality and ethics, even if we live in chambers of dark smoke of cigars. I do care about my kids of the planet’s earth mankind, and I want to write them to say, that life is more than a thought of equal payment. It’s downstairs when you meet the next one to say: “Meet’N’Greet to say aloud you are proud to have a thought for fathers and mothers like yours.”.






Ozora, Liliput, Vienna, Wien, 24. Feber&February 2019