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if a museum of arts is an investment of scholarship of freedom of thought
writing letters to "dead like me", Walt E. Disney, 0001

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Stephan Gaube

1190 Wien

Kahte Fraggy Eule – Dr. Steph’s Match

Vienna, Ozora Nirvalreth Daro



Sonntag, 24. Feber/Februar 2019



Walt Disney, dead like me, or watching castles next to cemeteries




Anthropological Quest – if a museum of arts is an investment of scholarship of freedom of thought



Dear Walt Disney!


In times, if we want to meet, but not by kept words, we have to write a story. “No”, said Mickey Mouse, and he “whood” with the finger, to say, he has an idea. The old ale of Donald Duck kept the bonnet and cap in the hand. The miraculous gift of arts is producing items of thought and free thought for everybody and anybody. I want to invite you to an intellectual guide for people with very grounded common sense of intelligence but form and conformity. It’s an Anthropological Quest called the way of thinking. “I like Mickey Mouse.”, is one kid saying. “Mickey Mouse?”, What?, but in ages, but as parents, “This is your first Mickey Mouse book.”, and candles would give a thought about the style of thought, if “Mickey Mouse” would be just licensed by you, Mr. Walt Disney. I’m saying, that you have a bright sense and humorous gift to tell, that “Mickey Mouse” wouldn’t be to sell. In any career of type of Angeldust, Cocain, Marihuana, but I have to say. “Mickey Mouse.”, I don’t love it, the even most kindful gift of Anarchism of Loving a tribe if family was missed by me. It’s like a conformity that I didn’t enjoy life. But in the perspective of art’s scholarship, I have to say, that everyone and anyone around me adores the little two black plates of ears, and the swing and jazz of rock’n’soul of Mickey Mouse. Honestly, some of the people aren’t pretending, that they want to meet original “Mickey Mouse” instead of the theme parks global occurrence. They want to meet “Mickey Mouse”, and me, I give a total chair of a gambler’s cards for the chest, who would be in common of law and contract. I beg the USA that the original Walt Disney wouldn’t and won’t leave the chair of the enterprise of “pirate’s irish league” of Disney Company ltd. I hope, that you sign a new contract, but for me, the magic of Mr. Walt Disney is, that he doesn’t get screwed but he lays the mark of ownership for own blankets to say. “Yes. We’rre a proud army. Do we give head onto the taxes or representation?”, Walt Disney is the best for a companyship with a freedom of hope. A new hope arise (Quelle: Star Wars; Lucas). In times of thought I want to have shared one opinion by the freedom act of the USA. That the USA isn’t giving head onto a company of free thought for kids. Who else is to blame for? But not Mr. Walt Disney.



Working progress of friendship



Ozora, Liliput, Wien, Vienna, 24. Feber&Februar 2019