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in search for the light of reason and knowledge
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Stephan Gaube-Tschoubie

Kahte Fraggy Eule – Dr. Steph’s Match

Vienna, Ozora Nirvalreth Daro



Mittwoch, 27. Feber&Februar 2019




Amanda Palmer, Dresden Dolls, USA, next to a closed wardrobe in a theatre




“Meine Schwester Siouxie würde sagen.”: Accordance of Soul

Human Being – Anthropological Quest – In search for the light of reason and knowledge




Dear Amanda Palmer! Dear Dresden Dolls!


It’s an impression that I’m watching in your music. But did you know, that so many people are listening just a bite of the real sound out here. I want to invite you to an Anthropological Quest about Jake and Wendy Joel. The common and ordinary man and woman versus the intellectual and intelligent guy and girl. It is common to speak in the name of but I’m watching a very different point of view in a total gigantic scale of thought. I know that life is a free thought project but it is worked out by manners of daily life. I’m watching someone like you, listening to the sound and your question could be: “Why isn’t it wrong to do work in a daily amount to pay the bills and taxes for representation of nonsense.”, that one is really right, or didn’t you think: “When giving the best in life would answer you: You can create your own record. Don’t hesitate.”, and this is the real splendid way of thought. The free thought project of life is a happening for you and me and no one is disturbed by words and grammar spelling of other people. I’m watching the way of Jake, the common and ordinary guy and girl instead of my own intellect: “What is wrong with this record. It’s much better than the other one.”, or isn’t it right to tell that they all are high on Hip-Hop (Quelle: Woodstock; Documentary; 20. Jahrhundert). In the coming ages of life I find myself answering: “The soundculture is the repertoire of closed arts. Here is something to give and it is a new sound out here in the world.”, as I’m thinking this, but to speak with own words, would be said like this: “I have grown into the music culture but didn’t I forget to make a work with it?”, or isn’t it that the way of told grammar spelling by other people: “He is into his Pink Floyd and his Dresden Dolls.”, and I’m told to be a total geek of creepy music. That’s right, captain, my captain, I jump from table to table to find the stallions of JesusJay. Crossing the board of education to tell, that someone doesn’t swing on the cross and nail as he has to do: “It gives me some thinking for the free thought project of life. I want to give me an answer about the thought and philosophy of JayJay ethics and today’s morality. He wasn’t just enough to get a swing on the cross.”, but me, I’m into “cloud” of munster party music.



Keeping Contact



Ozora, Liliput, Utopia, Niemandsland, Anarche Hstate, Rheapanthenai, Vienna, Wien, 27. Feber&Februar 2019