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Internet Manifesto
about the Space Autonomous Zone


Donnerstag, 07. März 2019


Chaos Dog Computer Day Catch Drowneys Internet Manifesto by Kuk Madine


CD CD CD Internet Manifesto by Kuk Madine


Code Diplomatique Compact Disc Computer Dial Internet Manifesto by Kuk Madine




Electricity, E-Commerce, E-Com, at E Mr E: at at at. Explorer dot Com Internet Manifesto by Kuk Madine


E Deal, E Dial I Deal, I Dial Internet Manifesto by Kuk Madine


It’s a Compact Computer Club. It’s a Chaos Club. It’s a Catch Code. It’s a caught club Internet Manifesto by Kuk Madine


C-Day. Chaos Day. Chaos Dog. Chaos Drowneys. We’are the people, People fight the power. We’re the people. We are the power. People fight the power (Quelle: Patti Smith).


“Whom you trust in exchange, tells you, who is holding a bill with some want of exchange for feeding hands. Never bite the hand, that you care, instead you are thinking that exchange is coming by trust into the company. Never lasting companies of a club will tell the world financed people, that the trustworthy people are watching a Compact Disc Club. It’s a club. It’s a care to say, that the most trustworthy club isn’t outthere because the are bigot to fight the wars of same examples but today it’s about the war on the web. Do you listen? Do you like good stories. Far, Far away in a bigot affair of the late 1960ies occurred the final stage of Woodstock, all are keen children, listening music today. Such ones, to be addicted, doing nothing but following the examples of political parties. Is here a street party out there, holding a step onto the wikipedia-mansion-manner? It’s right, the people are a fancy skid to say, that they hold the flag of free information. Yes, but were do you get access to free information, but it’s in the news, of bought common papers like the industrial invention has taken care for everyone but none. It’s cold out there, and it’s called out there, that there are proprietors (Eigentümer) of money and wealth. You don’t know how other people seek to destroy the government by following steps of mine. Me. I’m Mice Kuk Madine, and my name stands for bells of independence on steps of yours, that you don’t follow everybody of the secret society. The secret society, The Octopus Garden (Quelle: The Beatles) is known as the mash-up, party-up and college team of proprietors of the web and net. It’s which has a long list to write for the own capital city of life, shaking hands with the goons of Papal Misery. Do you know the news of today, and it is certain The Octopus Garden of Party Members and Party Idioms and Party Synonyms and Party Nicknames. Where do you belong to, when your protest is leading to the fighting stage of a secret society of called and named the open source movement of wikileaks. They are fighting no war for you, but you a the knocked deed and stick animal of fleshing mouth and teeth against the power of the internet. Who is holding the gun? Who is inventing the web and net? Who is presenting the polished cream of cancer tea for the surprise of the internet. The People have not been asked about the challenge and opportunity of the web and net, because it is bought by information scandals on socks of sucking tears of dead Pirate Party Prez. This is the PPP calling in the socks of winter june months, and me, Mice Kuk Madine wants to present you one item of the internet. Net Neutrality. The Data you care is out there, but the manifesto of internet is just written by politics for wealth and power of a few internet inventors. They don’t ask you, where you want to go, and it is leading up the fighting stage of answers. Take care, there is no business without business. The open source movement is taken by charge that they hold a lot of money to burn by open source marketing. There is no business without business. Let’s give them a hint that they are a mourning crowd instead of the real ones, the better idealist, the greater entrepreneur, but they are killing time, and doing nothing but they are spending time with uprisers of religion, faith, believe. They are the wayseers of thought, that you would by them by knocking on the door of fortune for a job. It is not kind to say, that the fancy skid is knowing about open source movement because they are a secret society, and they are leading blackmail and counterfeit. Do you want to know the truth. You can call the police. Let’s tell you one thing. It is not forbidden to call the police. You can ask your parliamentarian. Who is out there bells of parliamentarian instead of these of folx. That’s all folx!!i (Quelle: Looney Tunes)



CD Internet Manifesto by Mice Kuk Madine




Kuk Madine

Ozora, Liliput, Toto, Rheapanthenai, Anarche Sthate, 07. März 2019




Abc. Abc. Abc. Violating the rule of powers may fear the greed of powers, but only newbies and rookies fear the power of greed by masses of resistance.



CNN. CNN. CNN. It’s called a violation of law if art is a crime and if crime is art. The resistance is telling you. We want you in the Artsim now. This is the call for the masses and population, to watch the content of web and net, that real is, that really exists, and this still matters as facts, as that one the internet as web and net is.



BBC. BBC. BBC. A law of punishment is meant to be a violation against the indictment of crime itself. The content of property by Kazaa and Napster played an important role of former existence by modulation, defragmentation, cooks, crooks, and exploring the data space by copyright infringement for wikileaks. Somewhere is told that the newbie and rookie of youtube is by law an platform and forum of publication and documentation by the use of UNESCO.




The right to violate a law of punishment is called art, but by ways of crime, that art has become, all of art is called to be politics or religion. It’s a resistance watching as Col. Birdy the cheeks smile, when resistance is an art of violating a punishment, but by this, it wasn’t the law, that punished the art, but a relief of politics as a law of punishment, but that doesn’t mean the resistance.




You don’t need to follow rules. You need to follow manners. You don’t need to follow orders. You need to follow service. You don’t need to follow challenges. You need to follow life. Life is the resistance and law against resistance and laws of punishment of infringement of life. It’s named, that copyright infringement is illegal, but life itself names it as the real one, to stay alive by resistance and laws of life itself, because it is named life.





A law for life and a resistance by arts is called copyright. My name is Mice Kuk Madine.





In the name of the chambers in front of screens, I tell you, that the most liberal art décor as a social democracy is the winner of the web and internet. It’s called one of me space. It’s called by another one zone. The internet exists, by what terms as ever is meant to place such art décor on the screens. You don’t need to follow the rule of common sense, but you are lost in the deep autonomous zone. It’s a temporary autonomous zone for all of us, where we are lost to be as one individual. But as some have forgotten the chatiquette of manners and form, I want to say you, that the internet is called space autonomous zone for all of you and us. The name, I want to give is called a name of life, and now, kids, children, you please follow the rule of engagement. We don’t follow strangers, as I would yell onto you, and Dear, Hey, Stranger, you are not that common man as supervisor to challenge the status quo per verdict. Is there anybody out there of the kids and children, who have to follow the rules of the space autonomous zone? Do you work for an unknown evil thief? It’s like that you don’t know, but I don’t know, kids, children, don’t forget. Why did you follow a stranger with candies, bars, and promise of fortune and money? Did you know, that there are some few evil kind of people out there, who are working by politics against the order of establishment. Is it just the police, who is evil for you? Or is it the family of Banksy, who is evil for you? You, kid, children, you stepped far to close into the Darknet of human trafficking on server space, where you are working. The police awaits a call by you, and I don’t forget to call onto your mother and father, where you please ask yourself, where are you for whom working with drugs and money, music and snuff, movies and ridicule politics. They are allowed to call you by your own name, but they are parents. Don’t chew around on the cum of life, and don’t behave like that, because you followed the order, that nothing is a secret to the police state. Does police know you? Does your parents call you? The web, net, internet, and space autonomous zone is a free market, but it needs some call on parents, that your lawful gift of life won’t spent onto the bed addiction of ill drug consumption and less. The interent is the most liberal art décor and it doesn’t need you anymore. Me. I’m Mice Kuk Madine and I do know the “sprit” and “spirit”, that I’m just saying that for the moment the Communism has won on the space autonomous zone. By my name I sign, that the internet has reached the upriser level to speak in form and manner about life, what really is going on. You don’t know me, but me, I want that you say to yourself, that behind masks is everyone reach. How did you buy the Masquerade of Anonymous? It wasn’t your parents. But as it is called to be named, that the store didn’t close, you are intruders on the life of kids and children. It’s a Space Autonomous Zone, and it depends on you, if you link and nick the name of steps, that you aren’t interested into economics and social welfare distribution or are you link and nick to say that Internet is an Internet for the crowd to be pleasant as it goes on. You cannot change the world. You cannot afford to speak secretly by your name about the intruder in your life, where you belong know. This is the CD Internet Manifesto by Kuk Madine and it is named the Internet Manifesto, that it isn’t that politics, where you belong, because the open source movement don’t change a society with the word of any philosophy. The Space Autonomous Zone as the Internet has an own philosophy, but by this, it is called, that we don’t want your warranty of pharmaceuticals and Drugs. Do you read me? Your parents don’t want to watch you fall again onto the betrayal and lie of the, Hey, Stranger, but where are the candies, bars, drugs, and money are leaving and going. Have you ever experienced, that you are in your life in enslavement by wikisource and open source movement. It is named and entitled, to let Jean Paul Sartre speak a word: In the cage of jail someone can be free for life, because the being is named cage of jail, but you have the choice of being free by freedom of the being (Quelle: Sekundärmedien; Sartre). If you understand, that I sign by my IQ, that I follow the chatiquette to tell the US President. “Yes. Sir. The Internet and Web has done the best to be a digital museum of politics, economics, philosophy and certainly art.”, and it is right to say, that some link and nick to the fraud of politics like the Masquerade of a Global Action of open source movement. The Space Autonomous Zone is meant to tell the truth. To tell just the truth. I want you in the Army NOW! Kids, Children, We do now leave the sprit of egoism of a religious moustache by someone, where we don’t belong to. We go! Internet Manifesto by Mice Kuk Madine



CD Internet Manifesto


Kuk Madine

Ozora, Liliput, Toto, 07. März 2019