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Anthropological Quest - taking a nap
a letter to Joey Sieben "Seven" Hil, may be dead like m, letter 001


Kahte Fraggy Eule – Dr. Steph’s Match

Vienna, Ozora Nirvalreth Daro




Joey “Sieben” Hill; Prison




Human Being – Anthropological Quest; taking a nap



Dear Mr. Joey “Sieben” Hill!


Honestly, but you need some honest words by the chambers of guides trough life. Even, but even if you wish to ask, who are the Human Beings, I wish you some better day today. It’s recalling everything in your past and by times, that you would see the horizon of the Woodstock Tunnel, you need an IQ-Test. Is here time to see an IQ-Test as equivalent for times of speaking loudly no pain and no sorrow in grief of tears? I want to hold on a second for the real moment of every changing caning thought in your life. So someone like you could say truly, what like beside the cornerstone stands. By the view over senses, it’s like the summer breeze. It’s the IQ-Test. I don’t hesitate to speak, that I “re-activated” my senses, thoughts, moving life, real essence by my IQ. Did you? Why not?


Because history is speaking out that you held on the set free on hire of stocks, but you did some property. Is that a hoax, but I want not to say, that a guide of police officers are evil. Look around. IQ. What is it, to set hiring stocks but nothing more than a load of a real seriel movie-set event but you? That’s what it looks like, but it’s not a hoax, that police officers need to speak with you, but even them, that they speak with you. Don’t you understand. Whole Hollywood was telling in the 1950ies and 1960ies. I Want You In The Army Now! Uncle Sam. Uncle Say Aim. Sallam. Salamaleikum. Why are you this way? My own life tells me, that to fill stocks with that property is nonsense but IT WILL BE ALWAYS THE PICKED UP ASS OF HOLLYWOOD. Remember that. I don’t know how to say them that they want to keep it. They will never think of it by real offering terms. A guide trough life is for you not an guide trough a museum. But that’s what it could be, if you answer the IQ-Test. In real? I’m thinking about real personal intellectual crime of non involvence.



Aloha Ozora Nirvalreth Mahalo Avalohel Daro, 20. April 2018