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Dear US Penfriend!!i 0001 Anthropological Chess
Hey, Stranger,Welcome, Bienvenue, Welcome, fremde, etrangers, strangers

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Kahte Fraggy Eule – Dr. Steph’s Match

Vienna, Ozora Nirvalreth Daro




Joey “Sieben” Hill; Prison




Human Being – Anthropological Quest; Anthropological Chess; H8 – E9 – Hi E8 – Hi Egg – Hi Eqg – Hi Eaig



Dear Mr. Joey “Sieben” Hill!


By profound mentality, I’d like to invite you to read a game for gamblers about Chess by Stefan Zweig, an Early Modern Author of the 20 th Century and he even wrote about Nazis playing Chess on the Deck of the Jail Room by prisons of Nazis. You can ever ask for a Pause or something like a break, or to interrupt you. Did you know that the mentality of Las Vegas is atavist (Quelle: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas; Gilliam; Thompson). I don’t know, but me, I’m called the Emperor’s Son of the Habsburg Monarchy, Etienne, Dr. Steph’s Match. This was my first move, and how did you play about thoughts of Americas Chess? Did you know, that Arnheim was the route for Authors and Intellectuals to Scandinavia and Britain? Did you know that Ardennes would have been the resort of resources like petrol? But what by term means, that modern Terrorist Encyclopedia’s doesn’t have to rule about Terrorism of the Early 20 th Century? Those are American and British. It’s a gamble to say, well, then the mouse spoke to the gardener: How is the infantile? He is infantile to let the icy smoke of flowers grow? Does the infantile joke and laugh? Nope? Does the infantile speak? Even in the morning on Irish Coffee House Rule, it would be a yoke to say Yes: What did he say? He is the Emperor Karl, an levish artist of writing papers to screw on shelves scatting in the field of Boheme. You, Are you Christian? God asked me to find my family? I don’t know but the field of Chess is as simple to say, that you would want something to eat. It’s Karfreitag. Beacon and Bun and the First Easter Egg. Did you know that your books would be somehow by interest because you know that those are in low fi convincing samples of slow death menthos. FF. I don’t know how to become such a monster, but I want to search in your books, because you said Mr. Spagghetti Tomatoe Sauce. What did happen with the American Way. I give you an tip on your nose. “nose kid”. Jefferson Davis lived in the Southern Arrondissement of South Louisiana and he was postmodern prince to write on letters/livres. Benjamin Franklin. Did you know that Mr. Frank is the German name for Open – Offen. Hope – Hoffen. And that is an account no spelled by 731 456. I have a book by Martin Luther King jr and I hope that I can invite you and the prison to stay in postmodern times alive to stay by thoughts on him. Dreamer (Christian). I like Dreamers (Christians). In the End, that someone tells. Phoenicians. Hollywood. I rest upon my stone to say, that my word is lost in time and gives hope to lost infantile and raped people. I’m my own strength to say, that I don’t pardon upon you or you leave or not. Not you, Mr. Joey Seven Hill. I hope that, well, that we will be friends of Nannyhood. How do you do? You want to write?



A New Hope


Dr. Punkmonk

Ozora, Vienna, Rosawolkenhimmel, 19. April 2019, Karfreitag